Project EV Launches

Introducing our new campaign for Electric Vehicle drivers and alike – Project EV.

As we know electric vehicles are a hot topic right now and becoming more and more popular as we regularly cover in our HERE blog.

In this targeted campaign we would like our community to check and verify EV charging stations across the whole of the UK:

  1. Update the EV POI location in Map Creator/Mobile Map Creator
  2. Verify the EV stations position accuracy
  3. Upload 3 pictures – 1 of the charging station from afar to capture the whole station and number of spaces; 1 of the charging unit/station showing all its information; and 1 of all the plug and connector types.

See below for further details on these 3 steps…

We will have a particular focus on the cities below:

  • London
  • Birmingham
  • Manchester
  • Glasgow

The campaign will be available on Map Creator and Mobile Map Creator and is named EV STATIONS UK

Test Screenshot MC

Mobile Map Creator is downloadable for free from Google Play Or the App Store. To read more on Mobile Map Creator see our blog post here

To get started and remind yourself about how to load Map Alerts, you can refer to our blog post here.

An EV POI could be referring to an EV charging station or a combination of EV charging stations. The pictures should be taken on eye view level of the EV charging station.

We would like every POI to contain below information:

  • Location confirmation
  • How accurate is the EV station positioned?

Accurate: within 25m of the provided location (and reachable, no restrictions like a fence in between)

Inaccurate: not within 25m of the provided location

  • Pictures: high resolution and geo-referenced (automatically geo-referenced once uploaded)

For every EV charging station detected in reality we would like to have pictures indicating the below information:

Overview picture – showing the broader area of the EV charging station. This is to understand the number of cars that can charge simultaneously at 1 EV charging station (indication on the number of EVSE’s a charging station has)


30-07-2020 14-21-52

Detailed picture – showing the information that can be seen on the EV charging station (often stickers) itself (indication of CPO, payment information, subscription, etc.)


30-07-2020 14-22-03

Picture of every connector/plug of the EV charging station (indication of the connector type) Exceptions: not possible to open cap on the plug, if car is already charging at the charging station

30-07-2020 14-22-18

Verification of connector types: 

30-07-2020 14-22-45

Additional information:  
The verification should also confirm the accessibility of the provided EV station. Is this station free accessible for every user or are there any restrictions (taxis only, customer only, employees only, car-sharing only, private, …)? This information can be provided as a comment and should preferably be confirmed by a picture indicating the restriction.  

30-07-2020 14-22-58

Prizes will be awarded to the most solved EV map alerts (minimum of 25 must be completed and solved) and are as follows: 
1st Place – Garmin Dash Cam Tandem 
2nd Place – £150 Amazon Voucher 
3rd Place – £100 Amazon Voucher
4th Place – £50 Amazon Voucher 
And from 5th– 10th Place – A HERE Merchandise Package 

The project will run from 5th August until the end of October 2020.

Good luck!


Your WEU Community Team, 

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Francesco, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric 



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