Map Creator: Map Alerts

Dear Mappers,

Let’s talk about Map Alerts this week 😃 We would like to introduce and make you aware of how to find these Alerts and how to solve them.

What are Map Alerts?

Map Alerts (MA) are situations that should be checked because the type of data sourced by us for the map indicates that there may be changes, for example:

  • new geometry
  • a change in the direction of travel
  • a new roundabout
  • a point of interest that has been closed
  • data that is not complete
  • and other cases

This analysis makes us suspect that there may be an update, although this is not always the case, which is why local knowledge and your Community input is important.

How to view Map Alerts

  • The first thing we must do to correctly view Map Alerts (MA) is to work at an appropriate zoom level, so we recommend that you have a zoom level of 16. You can increase the zoom level until the number 16 appears in the url (web address)


  • In order to view Map Alerts, you must enable this layer. In Support Layers, enable “Map Alerts”


  • When you enable Map Alerts, a new window will appear showing the Map Alerts in your area (Viewport List). If they do not exist, in the Viewport view, change to Country List and a list of active Map Alerts in your country will be displayed – these are the alerts exposed to our Community members


  • To view the alerts created for internal campaigns – Open “Your stuff” menu:


  • Click on “Campaign List”:


  • Then you will have a List of Your Campaigns. The Active ones are under Active Campaigns (the green bar) and the Expired ones under Recently expired Campaigns (the grey bar)




  • If you click in one of the campaigns the map, it will centre in the area/country where the campaign is running. (taking the example of PRT POE LUGARES MAPA PCONCE). The name of the campaign selected will now appear on the Map Alert Window on the top



How to solve Map Alerts

  • By following the above instructions, you will have a list of Map Alerts to be solved. Click one of the Map Alerts and will then open the below screen where you have the options to add, update remove or verify the Map Alert (depend on the type of Map Alert)


  • Use the user comments to see what kind of question/edit we are asking for:


  • If you have any doubts you can always find an answer and publish your questions in the Discussion Board (link to your country Discussion Board) in Map Creator or send an e-mail to

    Check this small video tutorial to see what we described above…


Your WEU Community Team

Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Pierre-Yves, Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric 


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