Tips & Tricks: Parking Lot Coding

Dear Map Creator User,

Once in a while we try to share with you with some Map Creator tips & tricks to advise  you how to provide edits more similarly as we do at HERE. Recently we have noticed that our Map Creator users are incorrectly editing parking lots, which results in the rejection of your edits.

In order to make sure that your edits become part the map, take a look at some definitions and examples of how to do the most accurate edits related to parking lots and examples of common mistakes.

Definition of a Parking Lot

A Parking Lot Road is any road contained entirely within a parking lot with the primary purpose of providing access to parking spaces. In the picture below, the white highlighted links are parking lot roads. The green links are not Parking Lot Roads as they are used to circulate inside the parking lot and not just for parking.



  • Apply Unnamed to Parking Lot Road(Yes) roads.
  • Do not place a POI on a link coded with Parking Lot Road(Yes).
  • Direction of Travel(Both) is the default for Parking Lot Road(Yes) links. However, apply Direction of Travel(From/To) if visible in imagery.

In the picture below you can see that the parking spaces are angled in one direction indicating the Parking Lot Road is one-way and cars can only enter/exit in one direction.


Parking Lot Road(No) links must be contiguous and not contain gaps. See picture below.


Coding examples

  • ✔️It IS a Parking Lot Road

In these situations, you can see a Parking Lot Road. The proper coding would be simply adding a Parking Lot Road, unfortunately a Residential Road was added instead.



  • ❌ It is NOT a Parking Lot Road

In these situations you can see examples when Parking Lot Road was added, even though it isn’t.




  • Last but not least, an example of a missing Parking Lot Road


We do hope that these examples will help you to identify correctly Parking Lot Roads and correct any mistakes you see! 😊

So now go to Map Creator, add correct Parking Lot Roads and see, if you can spot and correct mistakes! 😃

Would you like to learn some more tips and tricks? Visit out Map Creator help page!

Your WEU Community Team

Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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