User Story: Story from Nils H. from Germany

Why do I love Map Creator? “Here is my true story…   I tried to register for a Telepass to be able to automatically pay a toll in Europe by using an additional device in the car.  During the registration process I was only allowed to use addresses which are on G-maps. My complete street was missing there and I wasn’t able to complete the registration.    At the … Continue reading User Story: Story from Nils H. from Germany

Freemium Developer Plan launched

Do you know about our new Developer Plan Program? We call it “Freemium”. Let’s have a look at what this means for you, especially the “free” part of “freemium”. Freemium means that you will get 250.000 transactions per month. For free. Yep, free! Not even a credit card required. Get to know more detailed information in our HERE Developer blog post WEU Community Team! Paolo, Massi, Arturs, Alicja, Belen, … Continue reading Freemium Developer Plan launched

Hackathon in Istanbul

Recently HERE organized a Hackathon in Istanbul that took place October 27-29. It gathered many young developers and start-ups, who could build an app, based on our API’s (Application Programming Interface). Participants divided into teams, presented their ideas. It was a big success! Soon we will share with you more information about the results of this event. Stay tuned about this topic, because we are willing to … Continue reading Hackathon in Istanbul