Map My Summer ’19: Part 2

Hello Mappers!!!   The second part of Map My Summer ’19 is about to begin😊   Excited? Here is more information on how to participate: 2nd Part: from July 29th to August 31st During this phase we will ask you to solve Map Alerts   Once Part 2 starts next week this is the neccessary information: If you did not register for the first part … Continue reading Map My Summer ’19: Part 2

Map Creator: Map Alerts

Dear Mappers, Let’s talk about Map Alerts this week 😃 We would like to introduce and make you aware of how to find these Alerts and how to solve them. What are Map Alerts? Map Alerts (MA) are situations that should be checked because the type of data sourced by us for the map indicates that there may be changes, for example: new geometry a … Continue reading Map Creator: Map Alerts

1st Part Results Map My Summer ’19

Dear Mappers,   The 1st part of Map My Summer initiative has come to an end but with what a great impact!   First of all we would like to congratulate all the users of Map Creator, who participated in the initiative: You are just amazing!!! 😁 👏   Across Western Europe you achieved more than 250k edits during the challenge period with the Top … Continue reading 1st Part Results Map My Summer ’19

Tracking Your Edits

Hello Mappers, This week we would like to give you a tip on where you can find the status of your edits and would like to remind you of an existing functionality, which is embedded in “Your Stuff” on the top left of the map.  Besides user statistics, campaign list, watchlist and collections, you can also find “Your Feed”, where all your recent edits are … Continue reading Tracking Your Edits

Tips & Tricks: Parking Lot Coding

Dear Map Creator User, Once in a while we try to share with you with some Map Creator tips & tricks to advise  you how to provide edits more similarly as we do at HERE. Recently we have noticed that our Map Creator users are incorrectly editing parking lots, which results in the rejection of your edits. In order to make sure that your edits … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Parking Lot Coding

HERE API’s City Transit & Mobility

Dear Readers, Nowadays it’s all about mobility solutions that meet our expectations, as everyone has different needs. Living in a city is challenging – dealing with finding an available parking spot, traffic and congestion are only but a few of the challenges that we need to deal with on a daily basis. As the trend is to focus on cities that in the future will … Continue reading HERE API’s City Transit & Mobility

Map My Summer ’19

Hello Mappers!!! Summer is coming and with it our 3rd edition of the Map My Summer challenge for external users only 😊 Ready to relax and embark on the world of cartographic editing? This year the challenge will unfold in a different way !!! A first part where you will count the edits you make in any Western European Country * and a second part … Continue reading Map My Summer ’19