UK Address it Campaign begins…

Ever really thought about the humble address? Addressing underpins almost everything in our lives – from getting your post, emptying your bins to being able to vote. Accurate addressing is essential… that’s why we’ve launched our latest campaign – Address it. Using the powerful combination of both a source and our community we have created this latest map alert campaign in firstly 5 main cities … Continue reading UK Address it Campaign begins…

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The SpeedIt ISA Challenge has started!

Dear Mappers,   The holiday summer season has started!    With that we are very happy to announce that today we are lunching our Sprint 1 of WEU ” SpeedIt ISA Challenge !!”😃🤩    What is this campaign about? 😏     Whether you can plan a trip across Europe or staying at home, location is everywhere. For ” SpeedIt ISA Challenge! ” where we ask you to update Speed … Continue reading The SpeedIt ISA Challenge has started!

Project Petrol

Filling up with fuel is second nature to most of us, aware of our local stations but relying heavily on navigation systems to inform us when we are away from home. Petrol station searches are one of our most searched Points of Interest, and we are currently doing a review of some of our station data to assure our map quality, and avoid frustrations when … Continue reading Project Petrol

Map Alerts on Map Creator & Mobile Map Creator

Dear Mappers, Let’s talk about Map Alerts this week 🙂 We would like to introduce and make you aware of how to find these Alerts and how to solve them in Map Creator (MC) and Mobile Map Creator (MMC). What are Map Alerts? Map Alerts (MA) are situations that should be checked because of the type of data sourced by us for the map indicates … Continue reading Map Alerts on Map Creator & Mobile Map Creator

Project EV Launches

Introducing our new campaign for Electric Vehicle drivers and alike – Project EV. As we know electric vehicles are a hot topic right now and becoming more and more popular as we regularly cover in our HERE blog. In this targeted campaign we would like our community to check and verify EV charging stations across the whole of the UK: Update the EV POI location … Continue reading Project EV Launches

#stayathome Challenge Has Come to a Close!!!

Dear Mappers, Our #stayathome initiative has come to a close but with a great impact! 😃 First of all we would like to congratulate all the users of Map Creator, who participated in this initiative: You are just amazing!!! 😍 So how far did we go with this #giveback initiative? 🤔 In Western Europe we achieved more than 46k Places edits during the challenge period. … Continue reading #stayathome Challenge Has Come to a Close!!!

Places in Map Creator: New Covid-19 related attributes

Dear Readers, We hope you are all safe and healthy during this challenging period! While majority of us is working or staying at home, we still need to go out and visit some places to buy some food, medicine, or any other things we use every day. Therefore, it is important to stay up to date with the opening hours of a place, type or … Continue reading Places in Map Creator: New Covid-19 related attributes

What would you like to read about?

The Community Editorial team are working on a new communications strategy for our users, to focus on your needs and expectations from  your regional HERE Community representatives. Therefore, we would like to ask YOU for your feedback to help us improve the way we communicate with you. If you have 3-5 minutes of your time, please fill in this anonymous survey> HERE Your feedback is … Continue reading What would you like to read about?

HERE Map Creator Reboot Complete!

Dear Mappers,   We hope you are safe and doing fine!   It’s time to announce you that our Map Creator Reboot just finished!    So from now on you can access normally through the url: and find out all the improvements made by our technical team. Some things to consider: User statistics are not yet updated Collections and watchlist are no longer displayed … Continue reading HERE Map Creator Reboot Complete!

#stayathome Challenge Has Started!

Dear Mappers,   We hope you are doing fine! In this hard time of COVID-19, the majority of us are now at home and trying to entertain each other. 📣So we are happy to launch the #stayathome challenge! 😊 What it is about? The idea is simple:    We ask you kindly to provide edits in Map Creator related to Places/POI’s that you find relevant … Continue reading #stayathome Challenge Has Started!