Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Dear Mappers, Today we are going to talk about ADAS most of you know what this stands for but let us remind you the meaning of it. ADAS stands for Advanced Driver Assistance Systems.  Anyone who has driven a car made in the last 30 years will have benefited from the technology.  ADAS has a considerable history. In Europe several researches started around 1986. A … Continue reading Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

History of Maps: Modern Cartography

Dear Mappers,  After diving in the historical origins of cartography and traditional map-making we reached the modern age cartography. To get here through the ages, the aid of various technological advancements was essential. The invention of tools such as the compass, telescope, printing press and many more with the combination of additional ways of metrics, for example various of different map projections, allowed mapmakers to … Continue reading History of Maps: Modern Cartography

Tips & Tricks: Your Geospace

Dear Mappers, In this week’s article we would like to write about the “Your Geospace” feature in Map Creator.  “Your Geospace” is an environment that enables you to upload or drag and drop any file and visualize it in Map Creator. These files can be for instance: Your own GPX file from your e.g. walking or biking trip GeoJson files that you found at your … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Your Geospace

HERE Live Sense SDK – helping drivers to keep informed of the unexpected

Just in case you missed it… Just couple of weeks ago, HERE Technologies announced the availability of the HERE Live Sense SDK – a new software development kit (SDK), currently in beta, designed to give drivers real-time insight in order to be able to make informed decisions on upcoming obstacles, road infrastructure or driving conditions, without cloud processing or the need for connectivity. In the … Continue reading HERE Live Sense SDK – helping drivers to keep informed of the unexpected

History of Maps: Middle Aged Cartography

Dear Mappers,  This time on our walk through the history of maps we visit the middle age. During Europe’s dark ages the map making has been dominated by the church.  Scholars continued the map making traditions of earlier times, but maps remained small and schematic. Each was drawn for strictly limited purposes. What it showed and how it showed it depended on what purpose it … Continue reading History of Maps: Middle Aged Cartography

Did you know… we have different versions of satellite imagery?

When you detect new streets that exist in reality, but are still missing in the map and want to add them you would normally use the satellite image layer. But if those streets are really new you might face the situation that they are not yet covered in the normal satellite view.  In such a situation you can benefit from one (or even both) of … Continue reading Did you know… we have different versions of satellite imagery?

Community Destinations: Eindhoven

Enjoyed the article about Manchester..? (link to the article about Manchester) Here’s the next destination – a not so well known, but should be known – Eindhoven. This city is located in the Southern part of the Dutch province of North Brabant, the Netherlands. A growing city with more than 230’000 inhabitants representing a variety of cultures from all over the world. And one of … Continue reading Community Destinations: Eindhoven

Tips and Tricks: Reporting Inaccurate Geometry on ADAS Roads

Hello Mappers, This week we would like to show you how to report inaccurate geometry on ADAS Roads – Roads which are coded by us with Advanced Driving Attributes and are therefore protected. If you want to change geometry and you are not clear on what it is and what is not protected use the quick display on the bottom menu “Highlight protected roads” and … Continue reading Tips and Tricks: Reporting Inaccurate Geometry on ADAS Roads

Community Destinations: Manchester

We thought we’d show you round where your Community team live and work and find out about their cities!   First up is Manchester and Community Lead Claire Robinson who is based there.   Claire first started at HERE in 2007 as a field analyst. Not much time was spent in the office in her early days, field working and visiting offices across the UK … Continue reading Community Destinations: Manchester

History of Maps: Cave Days…

A Brief introduction of Early Cartography… Dear Mappers,  We enjoy map making as much us you do, as such we have decided to take a walk down  memory lane and have a look at how it all started… so here’s the first part of series of articles dedicated to the history of maps. Map making has been part of  human nature for thousands of years, … Continue reading History of Maps: Cave Days…