New roads: Under Construction

Hey Mappers, We would like to thank you very much for all your edits done in Map Creator so far.   You’ve all been providing missing geometry and attributes for new streets and paths which are missing from our maps, using for example, fresh satellite images (if available to you, please check the Alternate Sat Layer!) or gpx-/geojsonfiles in Your Geospace.   Moving on to new under construction roads that are … Continue reading New roads: Under Construction

Tips & Tricks: Disconnected Geometry

Dear Mappers, Here are some good tips that will help you for coding geometry with Map Creator: The moderation process for many user edits can be accelerated if special attention is made while editing geometry. The background to this is that many edits are not completed or edited in a wrong way lead to error validations.  Our moderators have to check and correct those edits … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Disconnected Geometry

Tips & Tricks: Speed Limits and Legal Dividers in Map Creator

Temporary vs Permanent Speed Limits From time to time, we receive information, that Map Creator users have coded temporary speed limits as permanent speed limits and unfortunately this is transferred into our map. As a general rule, only permanent speed limits should be coded in the Map Creator. The Speed Limit Coding Training Video provides a good overview on how to do it. Unfortunately, in … Continue reading Tips & Tricks: Speed Limits and Legal Dividers in Map Creator

Speed Cameras: A New Feature in Map Creator

Dear Mappers,   Already noticed the new feature to add Safety Cameras in Map Creator? We give you a detailed view of the new menus, such as viewing, adding, changing or deleting safety cameras.   To view the safety cameras activate the menu in the upper bar in the right corner. A question will be asked if you want to enable this feature, which should … Continue reading Speed Cameras: A New Feature in Map Creator

Road Closures: A New Feature in Map Creator

Recently a new attribute category has been added to Map Creator: Road Closures. Using this new feature enables you to enter information to indicate that a road segment is currently closed, for example due to construction activities.  This data will be directed to  our HERE Live Traffic team to display in navigation systems with HERE maps and on where roads are closed and cannot … Continue reading Road Closures: A New Feature in Map Creator

Map Alerts in Map Creator

Dear Mappers, What are Map Alerts? Map Alerts are basically map tasks appearing in Map Creator, where you are asked to verify manually information about roads/places/house numbers. To resolve ‘Map Alerts’ follow the steps as described below and visit our Map Alerts help page in Map Creator: How to find Map Alerts? Map Alerts are pretty easy to find. You have to first enable Map … Continue reading Map Alerts in Map Creator