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Map Campaigns

We have our latest city campaigns in full swing – for verification for missing roads, speed limits and direction of travel. These can be found in Map Creator: Leicester Missing Roads Leicester Incorrect Road Information Buckinghamshire Missing Roads Buckinghamshire Incorrect Road Information Aberdeen Missing Roads Reading and Wokingham Missing Roads Reading and Wokingham Incorrect Road Information We also engage the local councils and authorities to … Continue reading Map Campaigns

SpeedIt ISA Campaign: 2nd sprint started…

Dear Mappers,  This week we are starting the second sprint of our big Speed-Limit campaign. In order to contribute to the ISA regulations by the EU and therefore to safe roads we have created another set of Map Alerts for all WEU countries for which you can find the relevant Map Alert campaigns in your Dashboard in Map Creator (Your Stuff > Your campaigns, then … Continue reading SpeedIt ISA Campaign: 2nd sprint started…

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The SpeedIt ISA Challenge has started!

Dear Mappers,   The holiday summer season has started!    With that we are very happy to announce that today we are lunching our Sprint 1 of WEU ” SpeedIt ISA Challenge !!”😃🤩    What is this campaign about? 😏     Whether you can plan a trip across Europe or staying at home, location is everywhere. For ” SpeedIt ISA Challenge! ” where we ask you to update Speed … Continue reading The SpeedIt ISA Challenge has started!

Map Creator: Buildings in 3D View 

Dear Mappers,  A new feature has been added into the Map Creator. As from now the buildings are shown in 3D mode.   Just activate “buildings” in the menu layer, zoom in and check how it looks like.   You can change the view by clicking on the north arrow (bottom right in the map) or just press and hold the right mouse button and turn the … Continue reading Map Creator: Buildings in 3D View 

Project Petrol

Filling up with fuel is second nature to most of us, aware of our local stations but relying heavily on navigation systems to inform us when we are away from home. Petrol station searches are one of our most searched Points of Interest, and we are currently doing a review of some of our station data to assure our map quality, and avoid frustrations when … Continue reading Project Petrol

Project EV Relaunch…

We are relaunching our EV campaign, as we realise that having the requirement of collecting pictures for each Map Alert was proving difficult in these already very difficult times… In this relaunch – the requirement to add photos to your edits will not be mandatory to complete the Map Alert. We’ve outlined below how the campaign will run. In this targeted campaign we would like … Continue reading Project EV Relaunch…

Link Attributes in Mobile Map Creator

Dear Mappers,  Let’s talk about new features!🤩  We see on regular base updates and new functionalities not only in the web version of Map Creator but in the Mobile Map Creator as well.   So today we can proudly inform you about a Mobile Map Creator update with an enhanced set of navigational attributes, similar to the set we are used from the web Map Creator … Continue reading Link Attributes in Mobile Map Creator

Map Alerts on Map Creator & Mobile Map Creator

Dear Mappers, Let’s talk about Map Alerts this week 🙂 We would like to introduce and make you aware of how to find these Alerts and how to solve them in Map Creator (MC) and Mobile Map Creator (MMC). What are Map Alerts? Map Alerts (MA) are situations that should be checked because of the type of data sourced by us for the map indicates … Continue reading Map Alerts on Map Creator & Mobile Map Creator

Project EV Launches

Introducing our new campaign for Electric Vehicle drivers and alike – Project EV. As we know electric vehicles are a hot topic right now and becoming more and more popular as we regularly cover in our HERE blog. In this targeted campaign we would like our community to check and verify EV charging stations across the whole of the UK: Update the EV POI location … Continue reading Project EV Launches

Report Road Closures and Construction Events

Dear Mappers,  This week we would like to let you know that the functionality to report Road Closures, Construction and Events has been updated in Map Creator (MC) and launched in Mobile Map Creator (MMC).   1. Updates in MC   To access the menu, select the affected road segment and click on the red button that appears attached right side of the Road attributes … Continue reading Report Road Closures and Construction Events