User Story: Jean-Baptiste B. from France

Hello Jean-Baptiste, could you introduce you to the community in a few words?   I’m 29 years old and I’m a works supervisor in the building trade and a Map Creator Map Master. I ’m currently living near to the city of Lyon in France.   When did you start to be active and contribute to Map Creator?   I’ve been active and contributed for … Continue reading User Story: Jean-Baptiste B. from France

Road Closures: A New Feature in Map Creator

Recently a new attribute category has been added to Map Creator: Road Closures. Using this new feature enables you to enter information to indicate that a road segment is currently closed, for example due to construction activities.  This data will be directed to  our HERE Live Traffic team to display in navigation systems with HERE maps and on where roads are closed and cannot … Continue reading Road Closures: A New Feature in Map Creator

Best practices in Map Creator Community

Why help building a better map?   We would like to share a best practice of Map Creator Community: some discrepancies between speed limits and speed categories, mainly in urban areas, were discovered this month by Community members. Thanks to the local support this was reported to our Community Expert, who was able to identify several examples and escalate it to be resolved. Spotting such … Continue reading Best practices in Map Creator Community

Map My Summer News: 07/09/2018

Hi Mappers! Tick tock ⏰… time is running and maybe your holiday is almost over! 🔔 It’s the final countdown…only 📢 9 days left 📢 to reach 2,500 or more edits! It’s still not too late to be one of the winners in Map My Summer initiative! Upto now  48 users in Western Europe already achieved 2,500 or more edits during the period of our initiative, where 25 … Continue reading Map My Summer News: 07/09/2018

Vehicular Access & Other Attributes

Hello Mappers, New features are available now in Map Creator!! Check this out below: Within the Road attributes menu, there are now further options for restrictions in the “Vehicular Access” and in the “Other attributes” sections. Among the “Vehicular Access” you will now also find Towed Caravan, Trailer and Motorhome. In addition, we can now also enter additional restrictions such as maximum height, width, length … Continue reading Vehicular Access & Other Attributes

Map My Summer News: 27/07/18

Hi Mappers! We do hope you’re enjoying the summer sun and our Map My summer initiative (2018 edition)! Do you want to know how far you and the other participants of Map My Summer (2018 edition) are with your edits only in the first two weeks of the challenge? Hereby some information! Already 15 users in the Western Europe already achieved 2.500 edits or more during the two-week … Continue reading Map My Summer News: 27/07/18

Map My Summer: What are the prizes?

Dear Mappers, Interested to know what you are in the running for? In this season of Map My Summer HERE is proud to announce that during the next two months (from July 16 to September 16) you reach 2,500 edits or more we will give you this fantastic *HERE Summer Pack that contains: HERE SeatZac HERE T-Shirt HERE Towel Motivated? Let’s reach the goal! Read more about Map … Continue reading Map My Summer: What are the prizes?