Map My Summer ’19: Part 2 so far…

Dear Mappers, Already 2 weeks have passed after we started Part 2 of our Map My Summer ’19 campaign!  Time flies! So.. have you wondered how many Map Alerts have been solved? 😏 Here is an overview of the current status:   In Western Europe we already have more than 3900 Map Alerts solved! This is impressive! Congratulations to Remco V., and Claude B., who have … Continue reading Map My Summer ’19: Part 2 so far…

Map My Summer ’19 Update!

Hello Mappers! Would you like to see the Map My Summer ’19 statistics update for the first two weeks of the challenge? 😏  Already 10 users in WEU achieved 2500 points during this period Congratulations to Gordon so far in the UK and Ireland who has made it to the top 10 so far. Zachary keep going with those Isle of Man updates! And Dave … Continue reading Map My Summer ’19 Update!

Map My Summer ’19

Hello Mappers!!! Summer is coming and with it our 3rd edition of the Map My Summer challenge for external users only 😊 Ready to relax and embark on the world of cartographic editing? This year the challenge will unfold in a different way !!! A first part where you will count the edits you make in any Western European Country * and a second part … Continue reading Map My Summer ’19

Game of Maps has kicked off, join!

Dear Mappers, We know you are passionate about maps! We would like to reward you for all your great contributions and commitment in the Map Creator Community. It’s time for us to kick off a wonderful contest for the very first time: it’s our European GAME OF MAPS! The time has come for you to subscribe to our great European Competition! We propose you 3 … Continue reading Game of Maps has kicked off, join!