Map the Alps News

Did you know that map coverage across the vast Alps mountian range needs to be improved? HERE, together with Mapillary and Garmin, are making a combined effort to increase the map coverage of an area that is visited by over 120 million people annually. Working together we can create better coverage of images while participating in the “Map the Alps” challenge. Of course you can … Continue reading Map the Alps News

Final Results of Map My Summer 2018

  Dear Mappers,   The HERE Map My Summer initiative has come to an end but what a great impact it had! First of all we would like to congratulate all the users of Map Creator who participated in this initiative: You are amazing!! 👏 Do you know how many edits were made across Western Europe during the 2nd Edition of Map My Summer? Well … Continue reading Final Results of Map My Summer 2018

Map My Summer News: 07/09/2018

Hi Mappers! Tick tock ⏰… time is running and maybe your holiday is almost over! 🔔 It’s the final countdown…only 📢 9 days left 📢 to reach 2,500 or more edits! It’s still not too late to be one of the winners in Map My Summer initiative! Upto now  48 users in Western Europe already achieved 2,500 or more edits during the period of our initiative, where 25 … Continue reading Map My Summer News: 07/09/2018

HERE Scored 1st in Location Platform Services

The industry-leading tech and consulting firm Ovum names HERE in the its latest biannual report “Location Platform Index: Mapping and Navigation” as the #1 provider of location mapping and navigation services, beating Google, Apple, MapBox and 14 others vendors mapping and technology offerings. HERE has always scored well on the completeness of its offering, leading on this front for some time. Where it traditionally lagged … Continue reading HERE Scored 1st in Location Platform Services

Map the Alps Challenge

Hi there! Are you planning a trip or do you live in the wonderful scenery of the Alps? Do you own a smartphone or a dashcam / action camera? In this case, you are definitely the right person for this adventure! HERE, Mapillary and Garmin invite you to the “Map the Alps” challenge that will end on the 31st October.  Mapillary, a global crowdsourcing platform … Continue reading Map the Alps Challenge

Freemium Developer Plan launched!

Do you know about our new Developer Plan Program? We call it “Freemium”. Let’s have a look at what this means for you, especially the “free” part of “freemium” Freemium means that you will get 250,000 transactions per month. For free.  Yep, free. Not even a credit card required. Get to know a little bit more detailed information in our Developer Blog Post 🙂 HERE … Continue reading Freemium Developer Plan launched!

Vehicular Access & Other Attributes

Hello Mappers, New features are available now in Map Creator!! Check this out below: Within the Road attributes menu, there are now further options for restrictions in the “Vehicular Access” and in the “Other attributes” sections. Among the “Vehicular Access” you will now also find Towed Caravan, Trailer and Motorhome. In addition, we can now also enter additional restrictions such as maximum height, width, length … Continue reading Vehicular Access & Other Attributes