SpeedIt ISA Campaign: 2nd sprint started…

Dear Mappers, 

This week we are starting the second sprint of our big Speed-Limit campaign. In order to contribute to the ISA regulations by the EU and therefore to safe roads we have created another set of Map Alerts for all WEU countries for which you can find the relevant Map Alert campaigns in your Dashboard in Map Creator (Your Stuff > Your campaigns, then select the campaign for your country). 

For your country/region: 

  • UK – SpeedIt ISA Campaign Sprint 2

Means, the campaign names of this second sprint include “Sprint 2”. Of course, you can solve Speed Limit Map Alerts in other WEU countries as well. 

In the new challenge, we also want to give you the opportunity to continue with the map alerts from the first sprint. You can still find these campaigns in the list in your dashboard, e.g. campaign name. Solved map alerts will then be counted from the November 8th onwards for campaign rewardings. 

In Sprint 2 we kindly ask you to check situations where the street segments show “hopping” Speed Limit situations which seems suspicious and might be Speed Limit errors. 

The best way to get a better overview in Map Creator and quickly find the potential error as part of the relevant Map Alert is to use the Quick Display for Speed Limits. 

Meanwhile, you can even configure the colors in the legend according to your own preferences by clicking on the colored icon in the legend. 

Some examples: 

1) In the example below there is a short link (37m) with a wrong Speed Limit of 100km/h (marked in red) while as the two surrounding links have Speed Limit 50km/h (marked in blue).  

2) The next example (with “night view” background) shows a wrong Speed Limit on the 50m long light blue link (50km/h), surrounded by links with 30km/h (dark blue). 

3) The following example shows a situation (traffic calming streets; marked in light brown; 5km/h) surrounded by links with Speed Limit 30km/h (in blue) where the current Speed Limit might be correct. A view in the sat-images gives a hint that a lower Speed Limit is very likely here. 

How to join? 

Everyone is welcome and can participate in this challenge. 

  • Just use the normal https://mapcreator.here.com 
  • Go to Your Stuff and then Your Campaigns and search for the one set for your country (see name above) 

What is the duration of this challenge? 

The challenge (including restart of Sprint1 and new Sprint 2) is running from November 8th until January 28th 

We will inform you about the status after one month after the start of this sprint here in the blog. 


As for every challenge, we want to make it clear what you can expect and how to participate in the challenge to be eligible to prizes. 

To be eligible, you need to solve a minimum of 250 edits (check threshold below in the “Prizes”- section) 

You can solve Map Alerts in any of the WEU countries. 

This challenge includes all Map Alerts of Sprint1 and Sprint2 solved since November 8! See above where you can find them and how the campaigns are called. 

Solving Map Alerts means reading instructions properly and following them step by step. 

After this sprint we will announce the top 3 contributors, who solved the biggest amount of Map Alerts. 


  • Threshold 1: 250 Map Alerts – everybody who reaches this will be awarded with a HERE Goodies Pack 
  • Threshold 2: 500 Map Alerts – everybody who reaches this will be awarded with a 50 Euro Amazon voucher 

To the ones that pass the 2nd threshold and stay in the end on: 

  • 1st place: Garmin GPS watch Venu  
  • 2nd place: Garmin GPS watch Venu Sq  
  • 3rd place: Garmin GPS watch Forerunner 45  

Winners are on global level, so we do not reward winners per country but per number of Map Alerts solved in the given areas of Map Alerts (WEU). 


Please make sure that you select the right language in your Map Creator language settings (top right of the map, next to “Help”) 

If you encounter an error and need to change the Speed Limit please do so and then click on “I did the required update”. If the map is correct and there is no need to change this attribute, please click “Verified”. If you simply don´t know the situation, then choose “I don´t know” (this Map Alert then remains visible for other Community Users). And please just ignore the button “Road doesn´t exist”.  

Where available please check the images in Mapillary (the freshest images and, if possible, check the images of both street sides) and the Mapillary Traffic Signs also (via the menu layer). Reminder: You can collect images for Mapillary or in the HERE Mobile Map Creator-App yourself (in collection mode) which might help you to clarify some Speed Limit situations. 

To have a better overview of the Speed Limit situation at the mentioned locations please use the Quick Display for Speed Limits. 

Distinguish between the general Speed Limits and temporary or variable Speed situations. As a reminder: In Map Creator only the fix and non-temporary Speed Limits are editable and part of this challenge. 

Sometimes the potential Speed Limit error has already been corrected by others and the (question in the) Map Alert seems superfluous. In this case please use the “Verified”- button in the Map Alert and move on to the next Map Alert. 

In some cases it might be useful to also check the satellite images in order to find a reason for that specific Speed Limit situation (e.g. a school building where a lower speed limit for a short distance might therefore be correct). 

Sometimes the Speed Limit on the mentioned street segment might be correct but the links around show errors, so please make sure to check the surrounding links as well. 

You can change the background settings (in the satellite section, bottom right) according to your preferences, for example to “Night view” in order to detect the potential error more easily. 

Questions? Doubts? 

As you know, in case of any questions or feedback regarding this campaign, interact in our Discussion Board, in our Facebook groups (link to FB) or send us a mail to mapcreatorcountry@here.com

Wishing you lots of luck and have fun!! 

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