Winners of SpeedIt  Campaign! 

Dear Mappers, 

Our Sprint 1 of the WEU “SpeedIt!” campaign has come to an end! 🤩This sprint brought great results thanks to YOUR great contributions! 👏   

First of all we would like to congratulate all the users of Map Creator, who participated in this initiative: You are really incredible !!! 😍 

As for results, in WEU 15.6k Map Alerts were solved during this Sprint. How amazing it is! 👏 

So the winners are… 😏  

We are very pleased to announce the TOP 3 winners of our campaign! Please join us to 🎉CONGRATULATE🎉: 

  1. 🥇 Michael L. 9742 
  2. 🥈 Miguel M. 1567 
  3. 🥉 João F. 1511 

Thank you very much for all your time, effort and dedication! 👏👏👏  

But this is not the end of announcements as we have also some threshold winners!  

As we mentioned in the blog post introducing the challenge the awards also award those, who passed certain threshold, so let us name all of the users who are eligible for prizes! 🤩 

  • Threshold 1: 250 Map Alerts  – winners 

Jaswinder S. 315 

Congratulations to all of you! 👏 You will be awarded with a HERE Goodies Pack! 

  • Threshold 2: 500 Map Alerts  – winners 

Remco V. 980 

Jordi S. P. 555 

Congratulations to all you! 👏 Well done! You will be awarded with a 50 Euro Amazon/ voucher! 💶 

The TOP 3 contributors and all threshold winners will be contacted via e-mail within the next weeks. 

Thank you all for your effort and input during this challenge! 👏  

We hope you enjoyed the challenge! Stay tuned as our “SpeedIt” Challenge is going to continue!!! 

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