UK Address it Campaign begins…

Ever really thought about the humble address? Addressing underpins almost everything in our lives – from getting your post, emptying your bins to being able to vote. Accurate addressing is essential… that’s why we’ve launched our latest campaign – Address it.

Using the powerful combination of both a source and our community we have created this latest map alert campaign in firstly 5 main cities – Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

To get involve and contribute, load the campaign for each city in Map Creator –

See our previous blog post for full details on loading and working with Map Alert campaigns here

Each address has a unique property reference number and you’ll see we have loaded in this visual source for our community users to reference when adding in addressing.

So make sure you and your address are on the map – join the campaign today.

We’ll be using our partnership with Garmin to reward those users with the most contributions with their latest devices.

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