Project Petrol

Filling up with fuel is second nature to most of us, aware of our local stations but relying heavily on navigation systems to inform us when we are away from home.

Petrol station searches are one of our most searched Points of Interest, and we are currently doing a review of some of our station data to assure our map quality, and avoid frustrations when you hit the red light.

We are launching our Project Petrol campaign.

There are 2 new campaigns listed within Map Creator for this campaign as below:

Campaign One highlights those petrol stations that require checking for existence, and all it’s detail attributes – name, brand, opening times, etc…

Campaign Two highlights those petrol stations that require their details and attributes checking, along with their location.

We’ve highlighted 358 stations to verify and are offering a £50 Amazon voucher for the most verified and solved Map Alerts for this campaign, along with a HERE goody bag for the runner up.

Need a reminder about Map Alerts and how to solve them? Our blog post here explains…

And why not check out Mobile Map Creator, available from Google Play or the Android Store, making it even easier to check your local map alerts and join in the campaign – even when you’re filling up next.

Good luck!

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