#stayathome Challenge Has Started!

Dear Mappers,


We hope you are doing fine!

In this hard time of COVID-19, the majority of us are now at home and trying to entertain each other.

📣So we are happy to launch the #stayathome challenge! 😊

What it is about?

The idea is simple: 


  • We ask you kindly to provide edits in Map Creator related to Places/POI’s that you find relevant during the COVID-19 period, but also after the quarantine period.  The places we would like to to focus on are:
    • Hospitals
    • Medical centers
    • Pharmacies
    • Health Facilities


For these Places/POI’s please check various attributes such as:


  • Place Name
  • Place Category
  • Accessibility
  • Opening Hours
  • Contact Information


  • Moreover, in order to support your edits, feel free to search for open data online and use Your Geospace to download data and check/update the situations when necessary. 

Here you can find our blog article about how to use Your Geospace 


What can I get?

We believe that by staying at home we can all #giveback and share the knowledge we possess about the places around us. So by updating this information in Map Creator, you spread awareness and help people, who are searching for help during this difficult time.


Of course we would like to reward you for your efforts, so the TOP 3 CONTRIBUTORS (per country/region) who will make the highest amount of edits in Map Creator from 3rd  – 30th APRIL will receive –> AMAZON/BOL.COM VOUCHER! 🤩🤩


  • 1st PLACE – £80 VOUCHER
  • 2nd PLACE – £50 VOUCHER
  • 3rd PLACE – £30 VOUCHER


Additionally, we are excited to inform you that we are planning to launch a WEU Check My Place Challenge already in May! So stay tuned! 😃


Good luck and be safe!!!




Your WEU Community Team, 

Frida-Grâce, Paolo, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric 


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