HERE at CES: 10 Announcements…

New Year… New Decade… New Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas & plenty of new announcements from HERE!

CES is one of the key events in tech industry and always kicks-off the year with announcements, new partnerships and plenty of geeky concepts and upcoming products from the entire spectrum of modern tech industry. In fact there are so much of news around this event this year that we decided to make it easy and make a quick wrap-up of at least all HERE related announcements that took place in Las Vegas – “rapid fire” style:

  1. High Definition Global Navigation Satellite System (HD GNSS) positioning – more accurate positioning solution
  2. Verizon and HERE join forces to create revolutionary safety and navigational systems with a help of 5G
  3. HERE Lanes – helping drivers and autonomous cars to navigate precisely and know which lane exactly to take and what to expect
  4. Boosting the car sensor data ecosystem: HERE introduces neutral server for safe and secure third-party access
  5. HERE Navigation On-Demand is OEM-ready with APCOA as partner
  6. Precise Road Surface Conditions + HD Map + Vehicle Sensor Data..?  – Global Weather Corporation Offers Highly Precise Road-Level Weather Data on the HERE Marketplace
  7. Want to know when your package will be delivered precisely and avoid courier getting lost? We too, hence HERE Last Mile!
  8. AMAP (ex AutoNavi) selects HERE as global provider of map and traffic data
  9. HERE teams up with Bentley Systems and Geopath to better measure and understand out-of-home advertising
  10. Last, but not least… we are proud that HERE has been ranked no.1 player in location-based services!


Woah… that’s a lot right? Which announcement did you find the most interesting?

Feel free to start a discussion in the comments 🙂
Your WEU Community Team, 

Paolo, Francesco, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Ben, Kleoniki, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric 



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