History of Maps: Modern Cartography

Dear Mappers, 

After diving in the historical origins of cartography and traditional map-making we reached the modern age cartography. To get here through the ages, the aid of various technological advancements was essential. The invention of tools such as the compass, telescope, printing press and many more with the combination of additional ways of metrics, for example various of different map projections, allowed mapmakers to achieve the creation of maps in a more easy and accurate way. The aid of airplanes and aerial photographs changed the way cartographers viewed and represented the world  and the addition of Satellite imagery gave the capability of showing large areas in great detail fast.


Cartography remains as relevant as it was centuries ago thanks to the GPS, data globalization, and location analytics. The constant evolving of the Geographic Information System analytics or GIS allows the creation of many different types of maps using various types of data.


Modern cartography possible applications are unlimited from urban planning, public safety, disaster management, public education till mapping of far beyond our planet. With the extent use of GPS technologies for everyday navigation, it’s not surprising that every day people are able to contribute to the accuracy and maintenance of maps. Helping in the building of a more safe and accurate representation of reality in the digital world.

Hope you enjoyed this week blog post. Stay with us as more article will follow in other interesting map relating subjects. Till then enjoy map making in our Map Creator.

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