Tips & Tricks: Your Geospace

Dear Mappers,

In this week’s article we would like to write about the “Your Geospace” feature in Map Creator. 

“Your Geospace” is an environment that enables you to upload or drag and drop any file and visualize it in Map Creator. These files can be for instance:

  • Your own GPX file from your e.g. walking or biking trip
  • GeoJson files that you found at your municipality website or any other public data
  • File for your studies or your own project in CVS, Shapefile or any other allowed format
  • Pictures you took with Mobile Map Creator 



    These are only examples of what kind of files you can upload into Map Creator. The most important is that by uploading your files, you are not only able to visualise them but also modify the area. 

    From Mobile Map Creator to “Your Geospace”

    Within Mobile Map Creator (download for iOS or Android) you can collect various files: 

    • Video
    • Gpx
    • Audio
    • Photo


Screenshot of Mobile Map Creator, showing what kind of files can be collected

After collecting your files with Mobile Map Creator, they can be seen (do make sure you enable Auto Upload option in your Mobile Map Creator settings or if not, that you upload the files manually) in your desktop Map Creator under “Your Geospace”. When you click on this image in Map Creator, you can use it as a reference to help you with your edits.


Example of an image taken with Mobile Map Creator shown in “Your Geospace” in desktop Map Creator

How to update maps by using “Your Geospace”?

After the files are available in “Your Geospace”, they can be used as a reference to provide valuable edits. As an example, if you take a picture of a place, you can use it as a reference to update information about wheelchair accessibility, or opening hours. 


This is only one example of how your collection of files can support you in updating information in Map Creator. Try for yourself and in case of any questions, please start a discussion in the Discussion Board or send us an email to 


Your WEU Community Team

Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Álvaro, Solène, Pierre-Yves Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric 


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