Did you know… we have different versions of satellite imagery?

When you detect new streets that exist in reality, but are still missing in the map and want to add them you would normally use the satellite image layer. But if those streets are really new you might face the situation that they are not yet covered in the normal satellite view. 

In such a situation you can benefit from one (or even both) of the following tools in Map Creator.

First, just have a look to the “Alternate Sat” layer (in the map and satellite view part at the bottom right of the map left next to the “Satellite” layer). These satellite images are fresher even though often not in high resolution and sometimes not completely processed. But it might help you as shown in the examples below:


New street with “normal” sat images


New street with “Alternate Sat” image

Here you notice that you are able to add the new street easily with the Alternate Sat as the background.

Secondly, you can always use a GPX file that you can create with any Smart-/GPS- watch, your Mobile Map Creator or even with many smartphone apps. You have to export the file from your GPS device, copy it onto your PC/laptop and load it in “Your Geospace” (left side of the map).


GPX file loaded in “Your Geospace”

And additionally, if you want to confirm your geometry edits for the moderators you can still add a taken picture via the “Upload image” functionality (right next to the attribute window). Of course, you are able to manage them in the “image” section in Your Geospace later on as well.

Good luck with adding new geometry!


Uploaded picture taken at the entrance to the new street

If you have any question have a look to the Help page or reach out to us at mapcreatoruk@here.com


Your WEU Community Team

Kleoniki, Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Pierre-Yves Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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