Tips and Tricks: Reporting Inaccurate Geometry on ADAS Roads

Hello Mappers,

This week we would like to show you how to report inaccurate geometry on ADAS Roads – Roads which are coded by us with Advanced Driving Attributes and are therefore protected.

If you want to change geometry and you are not clear on what it is and what is not protected use the quick display on the bottom menu “Highlight protected roads” and you will be able to differentiate them.


Step by step:

To Report Roundabouts missing:

Digitize the roundabout using the add roundabout button


Select one of the links that connect to the new digitized roundabout and click on “Report inaccurate geometry” button


Start filling in the requested information: everything that is optional you don’t need to carry about. 

Mandatory Field is only the details. Fill in all the information that you have available, then move one of the links and connect it to the recently created roundabout. You must move geometry otherwise the submit button won’t be available.

Provide attachment if you have it and then hit the Submit Button


When you hit the submit button everything will come back again to the original form, but your edits are saved in our system to be replicated in our database.

You will receive the bellow message about your feedback and tracking number:



Refer to the next tutorial video for more information: 



To report inaccurate Geometry

Repeat the process described in point A from bullet 2 to 6 (when move the geometry move it to the correct placement as show in the below video)

To check out if your Map Feedback about inaccurate geometry has been submitted you can enable Map Feedback Menu on the right side of your screen:


You will see red dots on the area and if you click on them you will be able to see black square with all the information about your Map Feedback.


Tutorial Video: 


To follow up all your submitted Map Feedback you can access on the left side menus the watch list and you will be able to find out this information’s and the status associated to this:



Tutorial Video:

We hope it helps you on the reporting of inaccurate road geometry for ADAS road. Any doubt doesn’t hesitate to contact us via our e-mail:

Your WEU Community Team

Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Álvaro, Solène, Pierre-Yves Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric 


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