Map My Summer ’19: Part 2

Hello Mappers!!!


The second part of Map My Summer ’19 is about to begin😊


Excited? Here is more information on how to participate:

  • 2nd Part: from July 29th to August 31st
  • During this phase we will ask you to solve Map Alerts


Once Part 2 starts next week this is the neccessary information:

  1. If you did not register for the first part don’t worry!: Start your Map Creator session on to register on the contest  from 00h00 on July 29th;
  2. If you have already registered for 1st part just log in:
  3. If you do not register you will not be able to see the Map Alerts
  4. Search for the Campaigns in the Campaign List Menu
  5. You will have Map Alerts to solve on the following Campaigns:




  • When you click the campaign this will center in Austria (check image bellow), but then you can zoom in into your country and hit the country list button to refresh and see the map alerts for you country.



  • Check the example in Germany below:
  • mmsplaces3
  • You will have two kind of Map Alerts: Missing place and Verify Place


Missing Place –  use the add button if the place is missing and add the place with all information available. Use the Discard button if the place is already present and update all the information that is not correct. 


Verify Place –  use the update button if you see that information on the place is wrong or missing and you need to update. Use the remove button if the place does not exists in reality. Use the verified button if every information in the place is correct and you want to tell us that you verify it.






– Please click on this campaign in your list and the list of Map Alerts will open, the map will focus on Western Europe.

– Move the map to the country you want to work in and click on “Country List”.

– By scrolling down the list of Map Alerts, new Map Alerts will always be loaded on your Map Creator screen.

– Then you can start solving Map Alerts in your area.

– Select a Map Alert by clicking on it:


– The question with these Map Alerts is: Please check whether a street is missing at this point and add it if it is missing. Click on “Add” and now you can start to add the street and add the attributes of the street.

– This will close this Map Alert.

– If you decide that there is no street to add, e.g. because it is a private street that is not used by the public, or because the street already exists, click “Discard”. This will also close this Map Alert and you can move on to the next Map Alert.

– If you move your mouse over the solution options, you will see the corresponding explanations.


– “Check near by” shows more Map Alerts nearby.

– It is recommended to always have the house number layer open.




– The procedure for opening the campaign list and the individual Map Alert is the same as for WEU MAPMYSUMMER GEOMETRY.

– In terms of content we have two topics in one campaign (which was not technically possible otherwise): The question of missing geometry (“Please check if a road needs to be added…”) and the question of whether existing streets need to be corrected in terms of street geometry, street name or house numbers (“…or if street geometry, name and addresses need to be corrected”).




– In the solution options you will find “Add”, which places the suggested name on the street section. Nevertheless, it is recommended to check all attributes for correctness.

– It is recommended to have the house numbers layer open here as well.





– As the name suggests, this is about petrol stations, which should be added to our map if necessary: Please check if there is a petrol station missing and add it if necessary.

– If you have opened a Map Alert in the known way, you have the possibility to add a missing petrol station to our map.

– After clicking on “Add” you still have the possibility to add or change details at this POI on the map and savma5e it in the Map Creator itself via “save”.




– These Map Alerts indicate situations where one-way street images have been discovered in Mapillary, but no one-way street coding is present in our map. Therefore, here is the question: Please check the Mapillary Traffic signs at this point and check if a one-way street has to be coded.


– To solve these Map Alerts, please activate the layer “Mapillary Traffic Signs”.


– In the area of each Map Alert, a sign related to one-way streets should now be displayed (please be aware that this sign recognition also gives wrong results from time to time 😊).

– Please click on this sign and a window will open showing which Mapillary image took this picture.


– If you then click on the Mapillary image in this section, the corresponding Mapillary drive file will open and you can follow the drive images:


– Decide now with the help of these images – or by using other sources – whether a one-way street has to be coded.

– For this please click on “Accept & Solve manually” and enter the data in Map Creator.

– This also closes the Map Alert here.

– By clicking on “Discard” you confirm that no change needs to be made and the Map Alert will also be closed.


  1. Close as many Map Alerts* as you can, each closure will gain 1 point;
  2. If you engage friends or colleagues to participate actively (at least 50 edits) in the Map My Summer challenge you will earn 200 extra points per new registration – send an e-mail  to us with the name and e-mail of person(s) that you engage to
  3. We will have prizes for the Top 10 of the WEU, who close more then 500 Map Alerts (Points)!!!


Do you want to know what the prizes** are for this second part?

Here they are:

  • 1 Amazon (or similar) voucher with  a value of £100




Metrics will be shared on our BLOG and Facebook channels on a bi-weekly basis!!!

We will announce the prizes of the second part during first weeks of September😊


Motivated? Will you make it?

Have a great vacation mapping!!! 😃



Your Western Europe Community Team

Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric



* Map Alerts in the following countries will be counted: Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Faroe Islands, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greenland, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Norway, Portugal, San Marino Spain , Esvalbarda and Jan Mayen, Sweden, Switzerland, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Vatican City


**The Prizes are subject to changes, according to stock availability, for prizes of the same value. The Images are merely exemplary, the prizes may look different.

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