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This week we would like to share with you the applications that HERE has available for the mobile phone market in several areas such as utilities, business, education and navigation.


For the Android and iOS market:



  1. HERE WeGo – you will always know all the ways to move around in your city, all in one place. Bicycle, car, shared vehicle, taxi or bus: the HERE WeGo has the best routes with numerous options to take you to your destination. Compare alternatives and choose the best route for you.


  1. SoMo – is a complete platform for all your transportation needs. Driving alone or with friends, get to the destination in the best possible way with SoMo. Build meetings of people, plan events, offer or take rides, book a taxi or navigate with detailed routes. Plan. Share. Travel


  1. HERE Map Creator – allows you to improve your day-to-day HERE navigation by providing updates to the map here. Collect, edit or delete places. Improve the positioning, share photos and review your contributions on Just use and share it with millions of devices HERE moved around the world. Completely free. Join our community and enjoy mobile mapping!


  1. HERE Mobility Drive – keeps you connected and in sync with your shipper. Get in the right place at the right time and get alerts for the most relevant races for even bigger profits. Upgrading technology can help you be more efficient and responsive, saving you time and fuel to keep your costs down.


  1. HERE AR City Model – Using just a simple printout and a tablet or smartphone, you can produce a dynamic representation of predictive navigation with self-learning capabilities that will support tomorrow’s autonomous driving.


Also available but only for Android devices:



  1. HERE Indoor Radio Mapper –  is a tool to enable any venue with HERE Indoor Positioning. HERE Indoor Positioning is like GPS but for inside a building, providing accurate location within a few metres.


  1. HERE Tracker –  is a reference application that allows a smartphone to connect to the HERE Tracking cloud, emulating a IoT device. To start, obtain HERE Tracking credentials from the web at This app reports the phone’s location and other telemetry at user-defined intervals and can be seen in the HERE Locate Android app or the HERE Tracking web app (


  1. HERE Locate – is a reference application to demonstrate the features and capabilities of the HERE Tracking cloud. You can use this in combination with the HERE Tracker app to test how connected devices can be tracked, geofenced and monitored. See real-time position and sensor data and review the device’s history on a map that includes the context of your current location.


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Enjoy our HERE Apps and let us know your experiences!!!


Your HERE Western Europe Community Team


Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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