HERE XYZ a solution for visualising data

Dear Mappers,

Nowadays everyone feels like exploring new products and services that enable ease of use, make life easier for us and are more …visual!

Thus we introduce to you HERE XYZ – our cloud-based service with the tools needed for effortless data management and map publication. The service is aimed at all, from software developers, professional mapmakers and data journalists to those with a little less experience, who would like to have their efforts visualised in a simple yet attractive way!


The advantages of HERE XYZ are:

  • Ease of use, without complicated coding
  • Suitable for everyone who wants their map data to be visualised
  • Built-in features: Automatic legend creation, conditional formatting, layer visibility
  • Upload to the HERE XYZ cloud
  • Integration with HERE Location Services API’s: Geocoding, Routing, Places and more
  • HERE XYZ API for custom made solutions and “connector” for various live datasets across cloud services
  • HERE XYZ as part of the enhanced HERE Freemium developer plan


Find out more about HERE XYZ on our 360 blog article.


Want to learn more? 😏



Your WEU Community Team

Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric







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