Live coding HERE

Some say that developing your own software is like building Lego.  Take existing pieces and put them together in the properly in the right order… but as often it is the case that reality is a little bit more complicated.  Using development tools requires focus, precision and keeping an eye on the documentation, but even then sometimes one can feel in need of help.

Great news!


HERE has a channel on Twitch, where you can check a series of videos named ‘Developer Waypoints’  detailing  live coding and learning how to use the HERE APIs and SDKs from our experienced colleagues.  Season 1 is all about JavaScript and first two episodes are already available to watch!


But wait… there’s more!


Feel like watching the video live? Set-up reminders in your calendar because the next live recordings are scheduled to take place on March 27th and April 10th.


But wait… there’s more!


It is your chance to ask questions and get answers from experts! Questions are encouraged and, if you have a suggestion for a particular topic,  feel free to write it in the suggestion box!


Link to Twitch channel:

Link to the HERE Developer Portal:


Happy coding!


Your Western Europe Community Team

Paolo, Francesco, Elena, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Claire, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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