Reporting road closures for our Traffic Service

Hello Mappers,


Many of us are aware of the capability to report road closures in the Map Creator tool that will is used for HERE traffic services.  If you don’t recall, it’s very easy to access this functionality via the Road attributes menu and selecting the green button “Report road closure” – as shown in the image below.



Please fill the information the following :

  • Be as detailed and precise as you can be
  • Provide a link to a source in the “Reason” field


Your report will be sent to the HERE Traffic Team who firstly analyse and investigate the report and, once verified, includes the road closure information you provided into HERE traffic services.  If something is not clear for the Traffic Team, you may be contacted by e-mail to clarify the road closure.

After reporting your traffic issue in Map Creator, hit refresh, and you will be able to view the reported links lined in red.

Make sure the layer “Road closure reports” is activated in the layer menu on the righthand side of your screen as in the image below.



Once the road closure has been entered in the HERE traffic system you can see your input on HERE WeGo (see example below). The process usually takes no more than 2-3 days. This information will be used in all the navigation systems, which use HERE live traffic data.



Across Great Britain, HERE have a partnership with to receive traffic data.

Elsewhere in the Channel Islands, Ireland , Isle of Man and Northern Ireland the traffic data is more limited which where you can help.


We kindly ask you to keep on submitting your road closure reports using Map Creator.

Of course you can also send an e-mail with all the details to us for more complicated scenarios and we’ll forward it to the Traffic Team.


Thank you very much for your contributions.


Your Western Europe HERE Community Team

Paolo, Massi, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Pedro, Georg and Eric




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