HERE @CES: SoMo app

From 8-11 January HERE has been present at CES Las Vegas.  Already HERE have made some big announcements, so hereby is the first news from HERE @CES!


SoMo – the new all-in-one mobility app

Derived from “Social Mobility,” SoMo is a first-of-its-kind mobility app that gives the freedom to choose how to move from point A to B by introducing three innovative concepts

  • Social Ride Sharing – freedom of choice to share their ride with friends, family, co-workers, other kids’ parents or any other social circle
  • Gatherings – events that are defined by location, time, attendees and intent. Users can connect with friends and social circles based on common activities and ride together to a Gathering of any size
  • The HERE Mobility Marketplace – full access to the HERE Mobility Marketplace, an open and competitive smart mobility marketplace that aggregates all mobility services and transportation options in real-time such as taxi, private hire, public transport, bikeshare and more


In conclusion SoMo allows people to collaborate and share their rides with their social circles, helping them reduce the hassle and cost of going from A to B.

Available on iOS, Android and desktop .


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Your HERE Western Europe Community Team

Paolo, Massi, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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