Community Educational Program: Collaboration with Universities and High Schools in Italy

Dear Mappers,


Did you know that HERE Community Team cooperates with various universities and schools by proposing a Community Educational Program?


What is a Community Educational Program?


Map Creator is a user-friendly tool, allowing various types of users to add, remove or modify roads, house numbers or places and their attributes.  However, Map Creator can be also used as a learning tool for students and the professors at the universities and high schools.

Our Italian Community experts have built a very strong and effective relationships with many Universities in Italy and currently they have been also offering successful programs for High Schools.
As in Italy a law requires high school students to fill in the substantial amount of hours within external companies, HERE Italy proposes interesting activities to help students gain experience and learn about HERE.

Proposed activities at universities and schools

Hereby a list of potential activities that our Italian colleagues have been offering to the schools and/or universities in form of workshops and/or trainings:

  • How a cartographic Database has been built and we maintain it
  • Open Data: which we can use and how in Map Creator
  • Introduction to more complex tools (QGis), data processing and data entry in Map Creator
  • Crowdmapping concept
  • Introduction to APIs ( visit our portal)
  • Outdoor activities (much as Mapathons with Map Creator and Mapillary apps)
  • Customized activities for the students based on the Faculty type
  • Internship opportunities for students

Of course we will talk to you about assigning a defined scope (to obtain the HERE certificate) to each student, based on for instance: number of map edits, Mapillary images acquired or Map Alerts resolved.


Are you a teacher, professor or a student and you’re interested in collaborating with us?

Write us an email to and let’s talk about our future collaboration!


HERE WEU Community Team,

Paolo, Massi, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Pedro, Georg and Eric



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