Often we are asked by community members and users of the Map Creator where they can find explanations for using the Map Creator, how they can contact us, information about programs and activities, and if there is a forum to discuss with other users, etc. With this article we want to give you some general guidance for the usage of Map Creator.


When a user enters Map Creator for the first time or types they first reach our “Landing Page”. This page gives general information about the community concept, purpose of the Map Creator, someu ser stories, etc.

While editing Map Creator you can still reach the Landing Page by clicking on About Map Creator.


pic1_helpIf you need some guidance or tips & tricks for specific editing in Map Creator you can reach out for our “Interactive Help” at the top right side above the map.  There you will find all the information needed in the “User Guide” and the “Walk-through Tutorials”, via a search functionality.



We also invite you to join our country-based discussion boards to discuss and support other Map Creator users.  If you are editing in the map of your country and click on “Discussion Board” (speech bubble icons on the top bar), where you will be directed straight to the forum of your country.  A search-function as available as well. Of course, you can also switch to another forum and look for Q&A over there.

Direct links are UK board or Ireland boad


Discussion board

Feel free to also check the Discover Panel on a regular base (via “What’s new” on the left-hand side at the top), where we introduce ourselves, give contact info, announcements and Map Creator campaigns or inform about new features and tools in Map Creator. If there is a new post added, you’ll see a yellow star symbol on top of the “What´s new” icon.




HERE WEU Community Team,

Paolo, Massi, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solène, Ben, Pedro, Georg and Eric


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