Tips & Tricks: Disconnected Geometry

Dear Mappers,

Here are some good tips that will help you for coding geometry with Map Creator:

The moderation process for many user edits can be accelerated if special attention is made while editing geometry.

The background to this is that many edits are not completed or edited in a wrong way lead to error validations.  Our moderators have to check and correct those edits one by one that obviously slows down the process.

One example regarding geometry edits: 

Occassionally map editors don’t zoom in far enough on the map and are not aware that they haven’t connected the new road to the existing network. At a higher zoom-level it’s hard to recognise that one didn’t connect geometry as wanted (figure 1).


In figure 2 the problem is visible, the small street is not connected.


If the intersection geometry is correctly edited you see that all links which are part of the intersection share the same node (the diamond symbol at the center of the intersection if you click on one of the links).

So, we kindly ask you to zoom in properly when editing with road geometry to help us get your edits displayed onto HERE maps quicker.

Do not hesitate to reach your community team via Discussion Board, Facebook or contact us by email for further details. You can also leave a comment on this article if you have any questions!

Thank you!

HERE Western Europe Community Team,



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