Tips & Tricks: Speed Limits and Legal Dividers in Map Creator

  • Temporary vs Permanent Speed Limits

From time to time, we receive information, that Map Creator users have coded temporary speed limits as permanent speed limits and unfortunately this is transferred into our map.

As a general rule, only permanent speed limits should be coded in the Map Creator. The Speed Limit Coding Training Video provides a good overview on how to do it. Unfortunately, in Map Creator, we cannot yet code speed limits due to special circumstances (eg. Speed Limit 80 due to rain apllies in certain countries).

This is covered instead by HERE internal map tools known as “Core Map”.

  • Examples of Permanent Speed Limits that should be edited in Map Creator




  • Examples of Temporary or Special Circumstances Speed Limits that should’nt be edited in Map Creator

speed3 speed8speed9mwaytempspeed


In the examples above, there is an overall speed limit, which is coded correctly in our core map. In addition, there is a “Condition” in the Core Map, to code the temporary or special circumstances speed limit (eg. Speed Limit 30 mph because of a school from 7 am  to 5 pm)   Temporary motorway speed limits arent currently included in the HERE database.

As you will know, the speed limit is coded in both directions in Map Creator, unless the road is one way.


  • Legal Dividers in Map Creator

The dashed line on the “Neuenlander Straße” (as an example) means that we have a codification of a “Legal Divider”.


In this case this represents a solid line that prohibits left turns, overtaking and U-Turns. Unfortunately, this attribute does not exist in the MC. Your edits when adding no left turns or no-u-turns will be rejected because there is no need for further coding in the Core Map. Therefore, please pay attention to the dashed line and avoid your edits being rejected.

If you still have doubts please contact us via our Discussion Board or send us an e-mail to


Your WEU Community Team


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