Map the Alps Challenge

Hi there!

Are you planning a trip or do you live in the wonderful scenery of the Alps? Do you own a smartphone or a dashcam / action camera? In this case, you are definitely the right person for this adventure! HERE, Mapillary and Garmin invite you to the “Map the Alps” challenge that will end on the 31st October.  Mapillary, a global crowdsourcing platform for street based images, and HERE have been partnering for a few years on various projects.

How can you contribute?

It’s really very simple: download the Mapillary application on your mobile phone (available on Google Play and Apple Store), log-in or create a new profile from this link  and start collecting pictures on the roads you travel during your trip. The application will allow you to capture images in sequence that will increase the coverage of the area and will be made available to the Community for different use cases such as HERE Map Creator that allows HERE Maps users to modify and customise the maps used by everyone day to day. In this specific case, the pictures will be used as a reference for mapping activities.

What are the prizes?

The top 3 collectors (regardless the country of your origin) in one or more of the six below listed countries will receive a 50 online store-voucher, fourth and fifth collectors will receive a 30 online store-voucher (or HERE give-aways, your decision, sync with Arturs). The minimum threshold to be eligible for the prizes is 50 km’s collected inside the given grids per country. To check the valid areas for the challenge and your ranking in that specific Country, you can use the following links:

In order to find out where the grids are,  look at the map displayed when clicking the above links and search first for the numbers and then zoom in to visualise the grids extension.  You should focus on the road network inside the grids.

For the purposes of counting the collected kilometers and ranking, the photos collected exclusively within the numbered grids will be considered! Please note that in some cases the grids could have different shapes (see pics) due to higher number of campsites within the area.


Tips and tricks:

  • Remember to fix the phone steadily during collection, placing it so that the field of view detects road signs during the journey.
  • If you don’t own a mount for your mobile phone, you can order a new one for free via this link
  • Collect images in a favourable light situations (see other suggestions at this link)
  • Check in the grids that the area you are about to travel are not already completed for each driving direction (the green dotted lines) and for the same reason upload the collected images as soon as you have a good internet connection (if you do not use the application and acquire the images via dashcam / action cams, you will need to use the following  link for uploading images)

Important: to receive prizes and communications related to this challenge you will need to share and authorize us to use your personal data such as e-mail address and residence address (for the awarding of the prize, in case of winnings). 

For any inquiries or questions regarding the challenge, send us an email at

Have fun and good luck with “Map the Alps”! 🙂



HERE Community Team

Paolo, Massi, Arturs, Alicja, Belén, Solene, Ben, Pedro, Georg and Eric.

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