HERE Scored 1st in Location Platform Services

The industry-leading tech and consulting firm Ovum names HERE in the its latest biannual report “Location Platform Index: Mapping and Navigation” as the #1 provider of location mapping and navigation services, beating Google, Apple, MapBox and 14 others vendors mapping and technology offerings.

HERE has always scored well on the completeness of its offering, leading on this front for some time. Where it traditionally lagged Google was on the reach of its platform, but this has been steadily improving thanks to the wide range of verticals its platform addresses. An important factor in HERE topping the leader board has been its strong focus on the developer community: in 1H18 it carried out major overhauls of its developer program and associated API pricing policy, which have been well received (see also the introduction of the new Freemium Plan)

Ovum writing in the report: “HERE’s new developer hub and pricing model will help it gain further traction with developers, particularly given the dissatisfaction with the controversial new pricing policy for Google Maps.” Analysts Eden Zoller and Charlotte Palfrey add that the plan “appears more developer friendly and competitive than the new Google Maps model, which should play to HERE’s advantage and bring long term benefits in terms of HERE’s reach.”

You can download the entire report here.


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