Map Alerts in Map Creator

Dear Mappers,

What are Map Alerts?

Map Alerts are basically map tasks appearing in Map Creator, where you are asked to verify manually information about roads/places/house numbers. To resolve ‘Map Alerts’ follow the steps as described below and visit our Map Alerts help page in Map Creator:

How to find Map Alerts?

Map Alerts are pretty easy to find. You have to first enable Map Alerts, by clicking in the layer button:

1) Activating Map Alerts

mapalerts     mapalerts2

When Map Alerts are activated, a window with Map Alerts will appear.

2) Window with an overview of Map Alerts


Now, make sure that you click on the ‘globe’ (my country) and ‘eye’ button (my area) to make Map Alerts visible. If they still don’t appear, try to zoom in/out with your mouse or go to other area in Map Creator, because they might not be there or must have been solved.

Types of Map Alerts

In Map Creator you will see various types of Map Alerts such as: ‘Incorrect road info’,  ‘Road does not exist’, ‘Incorrect place info’, ‘Missing road’, ‘Verify place’ etc.

While clicking on the Map Alert, you need to use your common sense and carefully read the instruction and possible answers. To give you an example, this Map Alert (see the picture below) is suggesting that the road should be removed. As you can see, the road is there, because Satellite imagery is showing it. You need to read what is mentioned above the ‘Remove’ and ‘Discard’ button and correctly resolve Map Alert.
In this case road is existing, so clicking the ‘Discard’ button will correctly resolve Map Alert.


Please remember to read carefully Map Alert and use the logic to solve it.
If you don’t know how to solve a Map Alert, please don’t click on any button but go to other Map Alert.

For more information, again please visit our Map Creator Map Alerts help page.

Should you have any questions, please leave a comment under this post, interact in Map Creator Discussion Board UK or in our Facebook group.


For people participating in the Game of Maps competition, the 3rd challenge related to Map Alerts will start on Monday, 28th of May at 0:00 (midnight).



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