Game of Maps has kicked off, join!

Dear Mappers,

We know you are passionate about maps! We would like to reward you for all your great contributions and commitment in the Map Creator Community. It’s time for us to kick off a wonderful contest for the very first time: it’s our European GAME OF MAPS!

The time has come for you to subscribe to our great European Competition! We propose you 3 challenges during the Game time. You can join the competition at any time.

Game of Maps starts today May the 14th and ends on June the 4th.

By clicking the provided Map Creator link (Subscription Link, below) you will formally declare to accept the Terms&Conditions and you will be automatically enrolled in the competition. Therefore, before this action please ensure to carefully read Terms&Conditions via the link below (Terms&Conditions)


If you are already a HERE user, click anyhow on the provided Subscription Link! You will land on a HERE Map Creator dedicated page, and then by just logging in you will be automatically enrolled for the Game of Maps competition.  After this, you can already start participating the Game!


If you don’t have a HERE account yet, click on the Subscription Link and then register to HERE Map Creator (top right button). Please be aware the only way to be enrolled in the contest will be to create your HERE profile through this link. After this, you can already start participating the Game!


What Challenges will I have to take up?

  • 1st challenge: The Local Battle, will be open from 00:00 on May 14th to 23:59 on May 20th 2018

What will you have to do for this first game? Edit the maps on Map Creator!
All Mappers will have to make edits on the maps and will win 1 point per edit. You can indicate the direction of road/travel, its structure type, speed limit, add information about places (such as: contact details, opening hours, or even add a new restaurant or remove a closed one), and all the other attributes available for editing in Map Creator.

Make sure that your edits are saved and have a good quality.


  • 2nd challenge: The Regional Battle, will be open from 00:00 on May 21st to 23:59 on May 27th 2018

What will you have to do for this second game? Collecting kilometers of images via Mapillary

You will have to subscribe to Mapillary, our partner on Map Creator, by creating an account on Mapillary site via this URL only: Click here to subscribe to Mapillary. Then, you will have to download the Mapillary APP via Google Play or the Apple store, onto your mobile device with your account created above. When you subscribe to Mapillary, you have to use the same email address of your Map Creator account in order for us to retrieve you. Together with Mapillary staff, we will count the total kilometers you’ll cover with your photos: you will gain 5 points per each kilometer collected.


What will you have to do for the third game? Solving Map Alerts!

3d challenge: The National Battle, will be open from 00:00 on May 28th to 23:59 on June 04th 2018


You will have to solve Map Alerts using the HERE Map Creator. To see the Map Alerts, click on the icon (add image) on the left Map Creator bar and some yellow pins will appear on the map. By clicking on each of this yellow pins, you will be asked to respond some queries, for example: “There might be a missing road here, please verify and add it if needed” You will receive 7 points per each Map Alert solved.


How am I going to win?

Each participant will have to edit, solve Map Alerts and take Mapillary pictures in their country of residence (except for the two groups Austria+Germany and Luxembourg+Belgium+Netherlands, where users will be allowed to edit, solve, collect indiscriminately).

Each point gained through these 3 games will be summed up in every country (or group of countries) and the ones who obtain the highest score during the competition period will win. (1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each country or group of countries – more info in the Terms&Conditions)


What am I going to win? Fantastic prizes!!

  • 1st place: a trip to Berlin to meet the Western Europe HERE Community team, together with other winners from various countries!!


  • We will offer you the round-trip travel to Berlin
  • 1-night accommodation at a 4-star hotel with breakfast
  • Two-half days at the HERE Berlin venue (from June 21st morning to June 22nd afternoon), including hotel transfers.
  • 2-hour tour around Berlin and 1 dinner and 2 branches with the HERE Community Team.


Please read the Terms&Conditions, paragraph 3 and 4 for details on the trip.


  • 2nd place: One Apple iPad 2018 Wi-Fi 32G
  • 3rd place: One Garmin Forerunner watch


We will contact the winners via their subscription email address within Friday, June 8th. We will then need your response within Monday, June 11th

Get onboard now and enroll now! Take up this great Challenge: The Game of Maps!

We can’t wait to meet the first prize winners in Berlin! It’s going to be a fantastic moment all together and you will learn a lot about the Community team and HERE Technologies.

As you can see, there are fantastic prices to win for the 2nd and 3rd place as well!


So don’t wait and start by enrolling now:

> by clicking here

Don’t forget that by clicking on the link above, you agree on the

> Terms&Conditions


Good luck!!!

HERE Community Team

2 thoughts on “Game of Maps has kicked off, join!

  1. I hope their will be some consolation prizes for other users who had given plenty of edits but didn’t able to win.


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