Game of Locations (Finale)

Hello Mappers,   As one of our beloved TV series have wrapped up for good, we also want to wrap up our little challenge.   We asked, if you know the locations, where episodes of Game of Thrones were shot and if you can put them on a map using HERE XYZ? We were amazed how quickly the first maps appeared in our inbox and … Continue reading Game of Locations (Finale)

Game of Locations

Hello Mappers   It is no secret that some of us are fans of the Game of Thrones series and actually our colleagues admitted it by posting and article, where they tried to answer how fast do those fire (or ice) breathing dragons can fly..? Read more about it on HERE 360.   There is no denying that there is plenty to love about famous … Continue reading Game of Locations

Miles rewards platform partners with HERE Technologies

Dear Readers, We have good news for those, who would like to make use of a smartphone app that rewards you for every mile travelled, by every form of transportation. We would like to announce the partnership with HERE Technologies and Miles. Miles is both a platform and an app, thanks to which consumers can be rewarded for taking every form of transportation.  At the … Continue reading Miles rewards platform partners with HERE Technologies

Tips & Tricks for a better Map Creator Experience (Part 2)

Hello Mappers,   This week we would like to give you some tips to improve your work in Map Creator:   Highlight the entire street name Press <Alt> and click on a link All links with the same name (that are in view) will be highlighted and can be modified simultaneously If you modify in one go, all the attributes that differ along the highlighted … Continue reading Tips & Tricks for a better Map Creator Experience (Part 2)

Live coding HERE

Some say that developing your own software is like building Lego.  Take existing pieces and put them together in the properly in the right order… but as often it is the case that reality is a little bit more complicated.  Using development tools requires focus, precision and keeping an eye on the documentation, but even then sometimes one can feel in need of help. Great … Continue reading Live coding HERE

Reporting road closures for our Traffic Service

Hello Mappers,   Many of us are aware of the capability to report road closures in the Map Creator tool that will is used for HERE traffic services.  If you don’t recall, it’s very easy to access this functionality via the Road attributes menu and selecting the green button “Report road closure” – as shown in the image below.   Please fill the information the … Continue reading Reporting road closures for our Traffic Service

HERE @ MWC’19: Wrap up

Mobile World Congress is one of the largest yearly events in the tech world. Companies such as LG, Samsung and Sony present their new gadgets, while keynote speakers share their vision of the industry. The main buzz words of MWC’19 were 5G networks, AI, IoT and Big data. So HERE was definitely expected to make couple of announcements of its own at the HERE Tech … Continue reading HERE @ MWC’19: Wrap up